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We have knowledge and experience to determine the right automation products and solutions for your business.

  • Driving Business Forward

    Has your productivity taken a nosedive? Automation solutions from Carolina Handling can help you increase efficiency and stay on track for the future growth and expansion of your facility.

    We offer warehouse automation solutions ranging from conveyors and carousels to pallet shuttle systems, industrial robots, automatic forklifts and automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS). We have the tools, knowledge and experienced professionals to evaluate your operation and determine if an automated solution is right for you.

Warehouse Automation Equipment

  • Automated Guided Vehicle

    Automated Lift Trucks

    Raymond Automated Lift Trucks and Pallet Couriers from Carolina Handling can help you efficiently manage repetitive horizontal transport and cart-towing tasks inside your warehouse.

  • raymond radioshuttle pallet shuttle system

    Radioshuttle Pallet Handling

    Radioshuttle is a semi-automated, high-density pallet runner and racking storage system that allows for a maximum use of warehouse space, and is easily managed with a remote control.

  • Smart Fan Controls | Variable Frequency Drive | Warehouse Fans

    Warehouse Smart Fans

    By monitoring ceiling and floor-level temperature, smart fan systems automatically adjust the speed of your fans to destratify air— maintaining a consistent and even temperature throughout your facility.

  • Automated Storage Retrieval System | ASRS | Carolina Handling

    Storage & Retrieval (AS/RS)

    Flexible automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS) from Carolina Handling ensure your ability to manage and optimize the storage, preparation and dispatch of goods in your warehouse.

  • vertical carousel system

    Automated Carousels

    Raymond’s automated horizontal and vertical carousel systems offer significant gains in efficiency, control of inventory management and warehouse floor space recovery.

  • Warehouse conveyor, roller conveyor system

    Conveyor & Roller Systems

    From standard skate wheel rollers and stands to fully automated conveyor systems and powered belts, Carolina Handling has what you need to keep everything moving inside your operation.

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